Insurance Defense & Coverage

Fayetteville Insurance Defense Attorneys Serving Arkansas and Missouri

Deacon Law Firm’s attorneys represent insurance carriers, insured organizations, self-insured parties, and individual insureds across all facets of insurance liability, including professional, automobile, property, commercial, transportation, life, and general liability. Our services are comprehensive, and our attorneys will promptly and efficiently assess liability and case value.

If problems arise in connection with insurance coverage in Arkansas or Missouri, Deacon Law Firm can help. We have years of experience in making reasonable and calculated recommendations to our clients regarding the practicality of settlement, alternative dispute resolution, or taking a case to trial.

Insurance Defense

The vast majority of Deacon Law Firm’s work is in insurance defense. Our attorneys represent insured individuals and businesses in lawsuits arising from motor-vehicle accidents, workplace incidents, premises injuries, and other occurrences. We will handle claims from the date of the occurrence through trial or settlement.

Insurance Coverage Issues

Our wide-ranging knowledge of the insurance industry allows us to competently consult with insurers on general issues as well as specific, fact-intensive inquiries related to coverage and policy language interpretation. We are also regularly engaged by insurers prior to litigation to assist with their investigation of claims by conducting detailed examinations under oath, taking recorded statements, collecting important time-sensitive information, and identifying and preventing potential pitfalls.

Our extensive experience in handling insurance disputes allows us to help clients resolve conflicts over coverage as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. If litigation ensues, we have competently and successfully represented insurance companies in a number of capacities, including declaratory judgment actions, subrogation prosecution and defense, and reservation of rights.

The attorneys at Deacon Law Firm regularly defend insurance carriers against first-party and third-party claims of bad faith, breach of contract, and noncompliance with insurance regulations. We have prevailed on motions for summary judgment or dismissal in a number of insurance-related disputes.

No insurance matter is too big or too small. Our firm size allows us to offer more innovative, flexible, and affordable client-centric legal services. We are willing to advise and assist clients with discrete tasks requiring legal expertise that arise in the insurance claims process.

Insurance Subrogation

Deacon Law Firm handles large loss subrogation cases for insurers. Our experience extends to property and casualty losses as well as recoupment of payments made under certain types of policies, such as workers’ compensation. We advise insurance carriers on initial subrogation issues and likelihood of recovery and will handle recovery through litigation if necessary.

For More Information

Based in Fayetteville, our attorneys practice in Arkansas and Missouri. For more information about our insurance law practice, we welcome you to contact us.