Trucking and Transportation Law

Fayetteville Transportation Liability Attorneys Serving Arkansas and Missouri

The attorneys at the Deacon Law Firm understand the challenges that face transportation professionals. For many years the focus of our practice has been the defense of transportation companies in personal injury matters. We have experience representing small transportation companies as well as some of the biggest transportation companies the country. Hard work and attention to detail are the common themes that make for successful resolution to cases. We understand that a successful resolution can be different to different clients. If an early resolution to a dispute is what is desired, then we will work diligently to that end.

As transportation professionals know, the federal motor carrier safety regulations that govern the industry are expansive, wide ranging, and sometimes difficult to understand. For almost two decades the attorneys at the Deacon Law Firm have helped motor carriers navigate the federal regulations.

Emergency Response

Unfortunately we understand that transportation companies are targets for litigation and that major incidents require immediate attention. We handle emergency response for a motor carrier insurer for all of Arkansas. We are also licensed in Missouri and can efficiently handle emergency response in most of southern Missouri. We handle emergency response for accidents on all Arkansas interstate highways including Interstate 40, Interstate 30, Interstate 55, Interstate 49, and all points in between.

Broker and Shipper Liability

We regularly represent shippers and brokers in claims alleging negligent selection and negligent hiring of independent contractors and motor carriers. Unfortunately these actions have become more prevalent in catastrophic cases where the motor carrier may not have sufficient insurance coverage to satisfy the loss. The Deacon Law Firm recently obtained summary judgement for a shipper where the plaintiffs claimed multi-millions of dollars in damages.


The Deacon Law Firm attorneys have experience in defending Class I railroads as well as short line rail carriers in grade crossing accident cases, matters arising under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), and general liability cases. Railroad matters involve different rules, regulations and technologies than any other area of the law. We have successfully handled railroad cases for clients throughout Arkansas.

General Counsel for Transportation Companies in Matters Other than Litigation

The attorneys for the Deacon Law Firm use their vast experience and knowledge gained in representing transportation companies in litigation cases and use that to advise those companies on day to day matters. In other words, we use our litigation experience to advise transportation companies on matters that will keep them out of litigation. We assist companies with the drafting and implementation of their policies and procedures. We also can advise on all types of contract matters including lease agreements and employer / employee matters.

For More Information

Based in Fayetteville, our attorneys practice in Arkansas and Missouri. For more information about our transportation law practice, we welcome you to contact us.